Outside Scholarship Information and Search

Below is a list of potential outside scholarships, scholarship search engines, and links to information about lotteries and contests.

Outside scholarship programs are very competitive. Students should check with each organization for requirements and be aware of deadlines.

Students should research information about scholarships, lotteries, and contests provided by reputable organizations such as finaid.org
Before submitting any information or work, students should read and understand all rules. Students should never pay a fee nor provide bank or credit card information.

Scholarship Search

Other Sources



Please note: Students entering a contest should be aware that many sites will either sell your email address or use your email address for marketing purposes. It is one of the ways they pay for the prizes. If you do not want to receive junk email, you should be careful to opt-out of any commercial use of your email address. You may also want to use a disposable free email account (e.g., a Hotmail.com account) instead of your real email address. Students should read all rules and be aware of use of student information or likeness, and use of design or artwork. Students should never pay a fee to enter a contest or apply for a scholarship.

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