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Scholarship Information

While international students are not eligible for federal or state financial assistance, international students are eligible to apply for an ArtCenter scholarship. Scholarship funds are very limited and highly competitive.

International students may apply for ArtCenter scholarships by submitting all admission materials. No special forms or the FAFSA are required. If admitted, and if you indicated you want to be considered, you will be reviewed for a scholarship.

International students are also eligible to apply for ArtCenter scholarships after enrollment. To be eligible you must have a 3.0 grade point average. You should attend the scholarship information meeting held at the beginning of each term to learn about the procedures for applying, which include submission of a portfolio.

Due to limited funding, international students are encouraged to be fully prepared to fund their education and living expenses for the entire length of their time at ArtCenter. International students coming to the U.S. on a student visa will need to demonstrate that they have sufficient funds available to them to support their living costs as well as their educational expenses while in the U.S. It is very important that international applicants plan for their overall financial needs for the entire length of the program.

Tuition Payment Plan

ArtCenter offers a payment plan that allows students to divide their tuition payments into monthly installments. The payment option is available for a small enrollment fee. Account information is available 24 hours a day on Inside ArtCenter for current students.

Other Resources

SOFI Student Loan May be able to borrow without a co-signer

International Student Loan - Requires a U.S. Co-signer

OAS Rowe Fund - Loans for Latin America/Carribean

eduPASS: The Smart Guide to Studying and Living in the U.S.

U.S. Network for Education Information

FinAid! The smart student guide to Financial aid

Education USA

Currency Converters

The best source of financial assistance for international students is often in their home country. Most grants, scholarships, and loans from public and private sources in the United States are restricted to U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Therefore, students should make every effort to identify potential funding sources before coming to the United States.

Outside Scholarship Resources for International Students

The American Association of University Woman (AAUW)

The American-Scandinavian Foundation
Asian Cultural Council
BAFTA Los Angeles Scholarship
Canadian Scholarship Portal
Fastweb Scholarship Search
The Houtan Scholarship Foundation
Institute of International Education
International Education Financial Aid
Iranian-American Scholarship Fund
The Korean American Scholarship Foundation

Momeni Foundation

NAFSA - Association of International Educators

Tan Kah Kee Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship

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