ArtCenter Extension: New Faculty Orientation

Welcome to teaching at ArtCenter Extension!

Orientation for new faculty members begins with a letter of welcome from the Provost and Director of Faculty Development outlining important information for the first few weeks, orientation events, tasks to complete prior to the first day of teaching, and some information about types of support available for new faculty members. Each new faculty member will also have a 1:1 orientation meeting with the Office of Faculty Development. You will receive a folder in your orientation meeting with handouts about faculty development, human resources (HR), and additional information about the campus which we will review along with the syllabus during your 1:1 orientation. For your convenience, this information is also available here: Resource Guide for New FacultyHR Resources, and Additional Resources and Campus Information. To begin the orientation, please review the material and attend to the tasks outlined below:

Orientation Material

  • Prepare your syllabus for distribution to the students and make sure to submit a copy to your department. The ArtCenter at Night Syllabus Template and completed sample is available below in the section on syllabi, along with a checklist to use for guidance. This template is required for use by all faculty members. Also recommended is the creation of a rubric for grading, evaluation, and feedback. Samples, templates, and additional resources are provided below to help with this task. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions about Syllabi, Weekly Plan, or Rubrics.
  • Please review the Checklist for Day One (section below) for information about classroom management and administration, getting your classroom/studio set up, and contacts for AV and Tech support. Prior to your first day in the classroom or studio, please familiarize yourself with all college policies listed on the syllabus and see the section on this page on FERPA (Family Education Rights Privacy Act).

ArtCenter Email and Access to Inside

About one week prior to the term start (pending completion of new hire paperwork with HR) you will receive your ArtCenter email address, username and password from Upon receipt, please log in to and make sure your course(s) are listed on your dashboard and that you can access your attendance sheet to see current enrollment for your course - see the Checklist for Day One with a section on inside.artcenter for directions and links to screenshots. With your username and password you can now begin to set up your (optional) course site on DotEd (ArtCenter's Learning Management System).

Syllabus, Weekly Plan, and Rubrics

The syllabus is a teaching and learning agreement between the instructor, the students, and the department. The ArtCenter at Night syllabus has a course description and CLOs (determined in conjunction with the department), a tentative schedule for the term, projects and grade percentages (generated by the instructor) and a list of pertinent institutional policies. The syllabus outlines course content, communicates course organization and procedures, institutional policies, and is an important component of assessment and accreditation. We ask all faculty members to complete a syllabus in courses for which they are lead instructor.

Below, please find the ArtCenter at Night Syllabus Template. The template must be used and should be completed or updated before the beginning of each term, submitted electronically to the Department (emailed to the Coordinator) and given to students during the first class, on paper or uploaded online via DotED. The Weekly Plan of activities (attached to the syllabus) is recommended as a best practice in order to help students plan and organize their time and activities throughout the course. We also recommend that you create a Rubric for grading, evaluation, and feedback. A Rubric TemplateSample Rubric (for presentations), and Faculty Development guide are here for your use.

A few reminders to consider when completing your syllabus:

  • Please make sure that the Course Description for your class matches the one that is posted on
  •  It is important for students to know how they will be graded. Please make sure the grading box is completed and indicates clearly what percentage of the final grade each project or assignment carries. Completing a rubric for major projects is a good way to make sure the criteria are clear as well.
  • Make sure you provide estimated costs for required materials for your course in the appropriate section. This is essential to help students with fiscal and financial planning.
  • Please review the 2 syllabus samples for guidance; ACN_256_Hoy_17FA (by Dan Hoy), and ACN_369_Shively_17FA (by Shively & Walker)

If you have any questions while you are working on your syllabus, weekly plan, or rubric, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Office of Faculty Development ( or your department Director or Coordinator.

Online Classroom Management

At ArtCenter we ask that you attend to the following aspects of classroom management using our online systems; AttendanceCourse Evaluations, and Final Grade Submission. For technical support with any of these areas, please email 

Digital Teaching & Learning

The Digital Teaching & Learning (DTL) department is available as a resource for faculty at ArtCenter . Please visit the DTL Website for information about DotED, ArtCenter's Learning Management System. Every course that is offered at ArtCenter has an online counterpart in the DotED system. These Web Enabled courses can be utilized as a course repository to store files for your students, a completely online version of your course (complete with assignments and quizzes), and anything in between.  There is also a page for new faculty with information about and support for online course setup, incorporating outside tools in the ArtCenter workflow, available tools in the Digital Teaching & Learning Lab, and recording tools for tutorials and screencasts. Contact them at for more information about how they can help.

Faculty Development at ArtCenter

If you have any questions about teaching here, or if I can help in any way as you work to set up your course and get ready for Week 1, and then beyond into the term, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Faculty members often come to me for help with course/curriculum design, setting up assignments, creating a grading rubric tied to project briefs, different methods for critique, and ways to engage and support English language learners. 1:1 coaching sessions on all topics are available by appointment or drop-in and classroom/studio visits can be arranged as needed. Work with Faculty Development is confidential. To schedule a meeting with Faculty Development, or for any questions about teaching and learning at ArtCenter, please don't hesitate to contact me:

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