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Coming Soon: The New Inside ArtCenter

As you know, we recently launched a brand new ArtCenter website, featuring a suite of innovative functionality and content designed to provide an immersive and engaging experience in all things ArtCenter.

The website redesign was achieved in collaboration with the creative digital agency Hello Design, co-founded by two former ArtCenter faculty members. We are also working with Hello on a redesign of Inside ArtCenter. As a place to visit for internal information and administrative transactions, Inside is being redesigned with efficiency and information organization in mind for optimal user experience and is expected to launch during the Summer term.

In preparation for the redesign, last year we surveyed the ArtCenter community to help assess areas most in need of improvement. For phase one, we will provide an overall design update, create a new global navigation, streamline the content, introduce search capability, and improve page load performance, while retaining many of the backend systems that support education and administration. Future phases will address component-specific enhancements as a part of an ongoing, continuous improvement effort.

If you have questions about the redesign of Inside, please contact Jered Gold at or 626 396-2251.

Inside ArtCenter will continue to be a resource for you until the relaunch this summer. Meanwhile, you can also visit the new for the latest information about programs, news, stories and events.

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